Balliano & Balliano Texture - Versa Wallcovering

An organic style wallcovering with a handcrafted and hand-painted effect, Balliano has a soft, aged fabric aesthetic.  Pair with its background texture, Balliano Texture, or use as a stand-alone. Balliano shimmers in neutral colors of cream, taupe and silver. Or go bold and graphic in aqua, indigo, black and silver, and red and raspberry. This re-imagined, stylized geometric features a new silk embossing that’s at home in a multitude of interiors.  Balliano Texture is the perfect companion with a soft cloud print and accent thread. 

Ithaca - Versa Wallcovering

Not your grandma’s linen, Ithaca is a contemporary layered modern weave.  Visually three-dimensional and aesthetically realistic, Ithaca projects a larger scale textile weave that takes linen to new heights. Ithaca includes a wide range of 16 colors from neutrals to deep rich tones, all with threads of metallic. This highly usable texture is great for corporate, healthcare and hospitality spaces.  

Matka - Versa Wallcovering

From the Indian name for a vessel, Matka is reminiscent of luxurious fabric with metallic and dimensional threads. Layers of color and texture produce an eccentric, multi-spatial effect. The scored horizontal embossing against the verticality of the print creates a contrapuntal feeling. Matka is available in a range of neutrals, as well as deep rich tones. Ideal for hospitality, corporate and healthcare.

Pietra - Versa Wallcovering

Named after the Italian word for stone, Pietra brings stone-cold good looks to the wall. The proprietary horizontal embossing evokes a stacked stone effect. With dimensional prints laid down first, embossed and then washed, Pietra’s colorations are inspired by minerals and nature at its best. The natural stone look adds warmth and brings the outdoors in.

Belladonna - Lanark Wallcovering

A garland of leaves and blossoms adorn the wall with an efflorescent vine-like style and grace. Layered botanic shapes gently float upward, creating a world of wonder and beauty. Balletic and rhythmic, Belladonna is an abundance of modern nature thriving and blooming.

Diva - Lanark Wallcovering

Inspired by wood-washed paneling and geometric patterns, Diva is a stylish take on marquetry and graphic inlay design. The layered matrix of angles and shapes create depth and dimension, and paired with our Entourage texture, it has a natural and subtle touch of modern luxe.

Camille - Lanark Vault Wallcovering

Inspired by couture knits and fabrics, Camille is a bold interpretation of tailored sewing. This intricate look was carefully constructed using vertical stitches, which create a ribbon-like pattern on the wall. Highlighted with fine- spun metallic accents, the look is complex, classic and tailor-made.

Merino - Lanark Vault Wallcovering

Merino is an experimentation in playfulness, vibrancy and abstraction. Inspired by Pop art and collage, the non-identifiable shapes create intrigue and wonder. Like silkscreen art and vintage textiles, the cohering floral elements are a decorative assemblage of creative inspiration.

Merino Silk - Lanark Vault Wallcovering

Wool meets silk in a combination of precise stitching and tailored seams. Sleek fibers blend with flax filaments creating an opaque construction in matte tones and hues. A classic yet modern fabric creation, Merino Silk is a sharp composition, refined and true.

Hula - Source One Exclusive

Hula is a heavily textured wallcovering that imitates the look of sisal with a metallic or pearlescent sheen.

Sassafras - Source One Exclusive

Sassafras features a mixture of wood and geometry in an inlaid-wood design.

Bowery - Source One Handcrafted

Bowery features a hand-applied, plaster-over-damask look that creates a modern twist on an old-world technique.

Leiden - Source One Performance

Leiden is a 100% polyester performance textile with Crypton that gives the appearance and hand of a heathered wool broadcloth.

Arundel - Source One Drapery

Arundel's medium-scale stripe is a perfect companion sheer that really embraces the neutral and mid-tone colors.

Foix - Source One Drapery

Foix's large-scale stripe is a perfect companion sheer that really embraces the neutral and mid-tone colors.

Palazzina - Source One Drapery

Palazzina's small-scale stripe is a perfect companion sheer that really embraces the neutral and mid-tone colors.

Source One Upholstery

This collection showcases an array of colors, textures and designs that play very well together. Flourish, Kindred, Zen and Zoetic all have the Crypton finish.
Flourish is a stylized organic reminiscent of hand-pressed flowers.
Kindred features a small-scale geometric weave.
Zen's geometric design gives a marquetry feel in an upholstery fabric.
Zoetic is a clean and contemporary chenille texture.
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