Source One Specialty - Tangle

Tangle's design has a unique softness inspired by loops of raw cotton layered on a fibrous mesh ~ rapidly renewable materials (cellulose)

Source One Specialty - Astoria Metal

Astoria Metal is an art-deco inspired geometric with a nod to inlaid wood

Source One Specialty - Troy Metal

Troy Metal is an organic, cobblestone block design

Source One Specialty - Victoria Metal

Victoria Metal is a large-scale, modernized Victorian damask

Lanark - Crystalline

Like diamonds in the sky, our Crystalline design is a translucent jewel of angled shadows and silhouettes. Clear cut and pure, the abstract shapes merge together with sheer beauty. Lucent and luminous it is a vivid composition of image and form.

Lanark - Kasuri

This decorative pattern is a modern interpretation of the traditional Japanese weaving technique known as Kasuri. When woven and resist dyed, the brushed threads blend together and create an interlaced design filled with movement and grace. Kasuri is a stylish fusion of both global traditions and nature’s botanical beauty.

Lanark - Watercolor Silk

Like reflections on ocean waves, Watercolor Silk is an aquatic and painterly inspired design. Glistening with metallic fibers, the auras merge together with grace and calm. Like an abstracted echo, it is delicate, dramatic and light.

Stacy Garcia Wallcovering - Labyrinth

Dimensional diamonds rise from urban origins in an angular ode to guiderails and grates in this modern harlequin of simple elegance with complex metallic counterpoint. Done in a palette of seven charismatic color combinations on high performance vinyl, its amazing durability shines as brilliantly as its glamorous metallic. 

Stacy Garcia Wallcovering - Suited

The sartorial elegance of woolen herringbone inspires a wallcovering with all the tailored sophistication of fine menswear.  Rich offerings in jeweled yarns and classic suiting shades build an elegant wardrobe of textural warmth in this twelve palette offering dedicated to the luxury of the well-dressed room.  Available in high performance vinyl for those with discerning taste who also desire durability. 

Versa - Beacon Hill

Carefree and a bit avant-garde, BEACON HILL by Versa, addresses the on-going request for unique mid-scale patterns. Reminiscent of a classic chevron but with a twist the horizontal washed effect in the background adds interest and the overprints are offered in a range of metallic shades or more graphic colors for a nice variety of options.  

Versa - Interlude

Organic in nature, yet modern in its own way, INTERLUDE by Versa creates undulating waves on the wall. Using the same embossing as GOSSAMER, INTERLUDE has a sophisticated light reflectiveness and dimensionality. With a sleek curved design and the feeling of branches or ripples, INTERLUDE has been received well by healthcare, hospitality and corporate designers.

Source One Upholstery


The Antares color palette is playful with multi-colored yarn dyed options ranging from tone on tone to big bang pop accents.  This finely textured fabric shines like a star for its trendy and versatility aesthetic making it a great option for all types of seating.


Elevation’s linear design reflects a topography map or towers across a skyline.  Constructed of soft heavy chenille yarns and high contrast accent; this pattern is elevated for its embroidery like appearance and fashionable colors that are complementary of the pattern, Galaxy.



This mid-scale geometric pattern is web of connecting lines creating starbursts that were inspired by the intricacies of the constellations.  Galaxy is available in 8 out of this world colorways that are complementary of the pattern, Elevation.



Opulence is a gorgeous shagreen embossed vinyl upholstery resembling the skin of sharks or sting rays.  The granular surface texture is accented with a hints of metallic making this material sparkle like the night sky and ideal for statement pieces.


Sparks Romanzo

Inspired by the enchanted unknown, Sparks Romanzo is a fine texture polyurethane that twinkles with hints of glitter.  This Writer’s Block pattern has a luminous color palette that is sure to radiate glamour in any interior.



Named after the 5th brightest star in the Milky Way, Vega is a subtly pearlized coated fabric that will shine like a star on any upholstery piece. Vega is styled after elegant quilted leather embosses that is reminiscent of fashion accessories.

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