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Notes Because of the particular inks used on these raised-print patterns, some color may release when inks are wet, thus it is important to gently wipe the front of each sheet. Aggressive wiping can damage the raised inks.
Bolt Size 5.5
Match Non-reverse hang, 20 1/2" vertical repeat, straight across match
Roll Width 20.5
Contents Facing: Sculptured ink
Fire Rating Class A
Type of Backing NON-WOVEN
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How much material do I need?


Measure the height of the wall in feet. Measure the width of the wall in feet. Round inches up to the next foot on height and width.


Add the widths of each wall together to calculate the perimeter (do not deduct for windows and doors).

Approximate amount of material needed:
Square Feet: -
Linear Yards: -

Please Note: This calculator adds in a 10% waste factor which is a good figure to consider to account for waste caused by trimming and pattern repeats. For very large vertical repeats an additional yardage should be added. All customers should be aware of the pattern, width, and match before submitting final figures. The calculator is for estimation only. Exact yardage requirements should always be field verified by a wallcovering installation professional.