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NSF 342 As part of our commitment to providing sustainable products and promoting sustainable business practices, Eykon Design Resources is proud to be qualified NSF/ANSI 342 distributor worldwide and offer NSF/ANSI 342 certified wallcoverings.

NSF/ANSI 342 is a multi-attribute, 3rd-party certified sustainability standard that evaluates product from raw material extraction through manufacturing and distribution. Why is NSF important to the architecture and design community? It allows for quick and easy identification of sustainable wallcovering by cutting through all of the green claims being made today.

Learn more about NSF/ANSI 342 and what it means to be a qualified distributor offering certified products under this standard.

Multi-attribute, environmental & social responsibility
This standard considers an entire spectrum of characteristics that impact the environment such as recycled content, low VOC, energy consumption, carbon footprint, chemicals of concern, waste stream, social responsibility, and more.

Multi-attribute vs Single-attribute
Multi-attribute standards require that multiple requirements are met. Just because a product is made from natural substrate does not mean it was manufactured or distributed using sustainable methods.

3rd Party Certified
NSF/ANSI 342 is verified by NSF International, the certifying body. NSF evaluates claims and monitors processes to ensure the standard is met. Yearly evaluation and requalification is required. Self-certified standards simply do not have the same credibility as 3rd-party certified standards.

Manufacturer and Distributor must Qualify for the product to be Certified
Both the manufacturer and distributor must qualify to the standard to bring certified product to market. Working together, manufacturers and distributors drive higher levels of sustainability. Points are gained by manufacturers and distributors in each category and total points obtained determines qualification of product as conformant, silver, gold or platinum.

ANSI is the American National Standards Institute, a private, non-profit organization that oversees the development of voluntary consensus standards for products. The process is open to representatives from all interested parties, promoting the development of a balanced consensus based standard.


Eco-Friendly Products - Products in the collections listed below contain one or more of the following third party test characteristics:

  • Low VOC’s
  • Reclamation Program
  • Recyled Content
  • Alternative Substrate
  • Renewable Materials
  • Recyclable


Eco-Friendly Wallcovering can contribute to LEED points for project certification. Here, for reference, are many of Eykon Design Resources eco-friendly products: sisal, grasscloth, papers, organic fibers (linen, cotton, jute), silk and rayon (cellulose-based fiber) are all biodegradable when properly disposed. Kenaf, paulownia wood, and bamboo are examples of wallcovering manufactured from easily renewable resources that are widely available and quickly harvested. And non-PVC wallcovering such as polyolefin and non-woven Nano textile substrate are available when high performance is required.

LEED projects
Working on a LEED® project? Eykon Design Resources products can contribute to a variety of LEED credits. And, we've set up our website to make it easy to search. Simply open the advanced search tool bar to the left. You can narrow down your results by selecting various product attributes from the drop down menus. You can then scroll down and select whichever LEED credits you are focused on. The more categories you select in the advanced search tool bar, the more our powerful search will filter your results.

Download PDF of sustainable interior finishes available in your state.


If you want to learn about a specific LEED credit, click on it below.

Materials and Resources


Indoor Environmental Quality

Use of these and other Eykon products support USGBC/LEED criteria.

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