Creative Digital Wallcovering

Eykon Design Resources digital wallcovering solutions will allow your imagination to take the ordinary to extraordinary. Your creativity and vision are endless.

Discover the distinctive and beautiful world of digital wallcoverings with IMAGINATION from Eykon Design Resources.

A dramatic floor to ceiling graphic created from original artwork or stock images will transform your ordinary walls, ceilings, and windows into an extraordinary atmosphere. The many design techniques, images, textures offered by Eykon Design Resources can make your next commercial project a dramatic success!

Do you have an idea about a custom wall mural?

Contact your local sales representative or Eykon Design Resources customer service department.

Need help finding an image?

No problem, we can help find the perfect image or create one with our in-house graphic designer.

Eykon Design Resources will assist in determining the best media for your project(s). Designs can be printed on various types of media, from durable vinyl wallcovering to canvas or nonwoven products.