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Dear AIA Member:

As a member of the Wallcovering Source Group, Eykon is an approved Passport Provider of an AIA/CES program called — “Wallcovering — Then and Now.” Our one-hour presentation entitles each properly registered attendee to 1.0 Learning Units.

Our Wallcovering program also qualifies for one HSW (Health, Safety and Welfare) learning unit since it deals with such issues as V.O.C.’s, Recycling, Indoor Air Quality, Mold and third-party test comparisons between paint and wallcovering. If your firm employs IIDA or ASID members, they also would be eligible for learning credits with our program. If your firm is interested in learning how wallcoverings have evolved during the past 30 years and how they are now engineered to address the durability and environmental needs of any commercial space, we are sure you and your staff will find our program stimulating and enlightening.

To make arrangements to see, hear and participate in this important, educational program, please contact your local Eykon representative or me at 800-222-7866. Though not mandatory, the preferred group size would be a minimum of 12 people that could include everyone from architects and specifiers to interior designers and other interested professionals. To earn learning units and become better informed on the many value-added benefits of commercial wallcovering, give us a call today!

Ron Carroway
Sales Manager
AIA/CES Point of Contact

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How much material do I need?


Measure the height of the wall in feet. Measure the width of the wall in feet. Round inches up to the next foot on height and width.


Add the widths of each wall together to calculate the perimeter (do not deduct for windows and doors).

Approximate amount of material needed:
Square Feet: -
Linear Yards: -

Please Note: This calculator adds in a 10% waste factor which is a good figure to consider to account for waste caused by trimming and pattern repeats. For very large vertical repeats an additional yardage should be added. All customers should be aware of the pattern, width, and match before submitting final figures. The calculator is for estimation only. Exact yardage requirements should always be field verified by a wallcovering installation professional.