About Eykon Design Resources

Eykon Design Resources is a dedicated supplier of commercial wallcoverings and related interior finish products to the commercial building industry. Our sales representatives work with architects, designers, contractors, and others to assist with selecting the right product for every environment. Our sales support team takes pride in being heralded as the best in the industry. Eykon is anxious to serve you.

Eykon originally was founded by its current owners in 1972 as American Wallcoverings. For years the company operated as a commercial and residential wallcovering distributor. During that time, the company represented many product lines, some of which have since gone by the wayside, but a few that have enjoyed enormous success, including vin-l-fab, which has now evolved into Versa. Private label programs also represented a large part of the product array in the early going.

In 1983, the company converted totally to commercial wallcoverings, and the name was changed to Arton. Product base grew throughout the 80’s with the addition of Lanark, OJVM Textiles and several acoustical products, just to name a few. By the 1990’s, several other manufacturers found their way to Arton’s product list with not only wallcovering but other related products.

With the new century came the conversion to Eykon and a new mission statement (see below). We have developed environmentally friendly products as well as recycled & recyclable products. Many items are available with microvent which makes them breathable.

Eykon has expanded geographically over the years and now covers the area from Louisiana to Pennsylvania with professional sales representatives in every major market. We joined with D.L. Couch and TRI-KES to create Wall Source (WSG) who designs and develops our own brands of Source One and Lanark Wallcoverings. Along with our WSG partners we cover the entire nation.


Eykon is dedicated to developing and marketing interior finish products focused on satisfying our customers needs. Our products provide solutions for problems utilizing creative design, color correctness, and futuristic construction. Our products are delivered to market via professionals who provide information, service, and quality at the highest level possible.


In 1999, D.L. Couch, Eykon Design Resources and TRI-KES united to form the strategic Wallcovering Source Group alliance. Together, we make up the largest wallcovering sales team in the nation with 90+ local representatives serving all major cities in the United States. We combine all the advantages of a national distributor with those of a responsive regional and entrepreneurial company.

Since the inception of our group, distribution has grown from domestic only to international, forming what is known today as the WSG Global Network. D.L. Couch, Eykon Design Resources and TRI-KES cover domestic distribution and appointed international distributorships in Africa, Asia/Pacific, Canada, Europe, Mexico and the Middle East. This means when you work with WSG Global Network, we’re able to provide you with the materials you need, when and where you need them ~ anywhere in the world.

We're your one source for a full range of finishes: acousticals, borders, corks, customs & digital, grass cloth, linens, vinyl, fabrics, upholsteries and coatings. In addition, we offer a variety of eco-friendly options such as certified woods, low-emitting materials, rapidly-renewable materials and recycled content. And we're constantly developing new designs and working with leading manufacturers to produce and test new products to ensure quality and customer satisfaction.

As a part of the WSG Global Network, D.L. Couch, Eykon Design Resources and TRI-KES exclusively distribute their own brands, Lanark and Source One, domestically as well as Cirqa, Stacy Garcia and Tower. In addition, each company distributes a variety of other product brands regionally.

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